Exactly one year ago today, the World Health Organization declared COVID19 a global pandemic!

By mid March, 2020…just a few days later all 50 states, DC, and NYC had reported cases of COVID!

One year ago today, we were preparing to fly South to reconnect with special friends for a few relaxing, sunny weeks…then LIFE changed!!!

This was frightening news…uncharted territory!  We immediately changed our plans, unpacked our bags and, as I shamefully admit we began “hoarding”… food, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, masks, rubber gloves, you name it…everything except TOLIET PAPER!  I never really understood that urgency, because in the Nemer household, you NEVER run out of TP!!!  We are always well stocked in that department!  In fact, our current stock at the time lasted us until mid July!

As with all of us, necessities from that point on were all ordered on line…left untouched for 24 hours or so just to make sure they were not contaminated…washed all our groceries, too.   Actually, I still do…especially fruits and veggies.

WHAT A YEAR!  Is there possibly a light at the end of the tunnel?  That we pray!  To date over 2.6 million deaths have been reported world-wide and as of today, 525,473 in the US alone.   Thinking of the sadness of all those lives lost and dying all alone! …  The sadness of all those who lost their loved ones, their jobs, homes, businesses…The sadness of those of us who survived…mourning for lost loved ones alone in their homes, no hugs, no life cycle celebrations…missing so many forms of human contact…BUT miraculously, here we are, one year later with a hope of a new tomorrow!

I would love to hear your stories…what worked for you…how you have made it this far…and what are your hopes for this (hopefully) new tomorrow.

I am so grateful to have made it through this long and dark year and grateful that I still have my family and most loved ones still by my side.  What if someone had told us one year ago today…buckle up…this will be a year long recovery and maybe longer!?!   I think that would have totally done me in.  There were days I would wake up with a “we can do this” attitude … but there were so many more, especially in those early months when it was truly a struggle to get out of bed…nowhere to go…nothing to do…no one to see…and then adding all the fear, the unknown, they uncertainty into the mix.

Truly, tough times don’t last but STRONG people do!  We are all stronger than we think.   I want to share with you the things that have helped me most this past year, the things that got me going in the morning and helped me through these dark days and hopefully will help me through whatever life slings my way in the future.

  1.  GRATITUDE…we hear so much about this subject but I honestly believe its everything its cracked up to be. Start each waking moment focusing on whats good in your life…don’t focus on what you can’t change…and end each day the same.
  2. NOURISH YOUR BODY…Love yourself, and find ways to reduce the stress in your life, which includes healthy eating, being active and getting enough sleep each night…and once again staying positive.  It’s hard to be sad when you mind is full of positive thoughts…and you might even have to detox a few toxic friendships along the way.  I hope not but sometimes its a must for your well being.   Oh, and find ways to stay connected socially even in these socially distancing times.  Positive human contact is so important.
  3. EAT REAL FOODS…That means foods that come from the earth, colorful foods…as many fruits and veggies has you like…no need for dieting if you eat this way!  Limit processed foods as often as you can.  Any product (man made) takes a toll on your body and takes longer to digest, causing inflammation and all sorts of problems,  especially as we age AND limit alcohol consumption…especially “day drinking”, you know, that new game we’re all talking about lately…nowhere to go…nothing to do…a temporary fix (maybe) but long term effects on our body, mind and spirit is not always good…and once again, especially with those aging brains.

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