Independence Day…A Federal Holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States…July 4, 1776!

The Fourth of July!!!   Memories…Milestones…and sometimes traditions change…at least for a little while!   Another year gone by… We made it through a very difficult year!  Today, I am remembering the years when our children were away at camp…so missed…but not so sure they missed us!   Time for reflection…time to grow up…   Those fireworks always reminded us how escalated our lives can be and how quickly it passes.

Our children are all grown now, but I can still remember those lazy, hot summer days when they were away, the crawdads singing…wondering if they were ok…missing them too much to actually have fun on our own…but knowing this was the best for them, their maturity, their growth.  I still remember the paintings I created while they were away and even the songs I listened too while creating those works.

Fast forward…everyone is all grown now and have families of their own…and now…the 4th of July is our family time!  We are all together.  It’s NEMER week!  We look forward to it every year…another year gone by…  This year…still a little fearful of flying (Covid19)… It’s a driving beach trip instead of the mountains.   It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we can all be together and no one Dies!!!

Dies….???   I don’t know about you, but my loved ones always seem to leave me on holidays!   Seriously!!!!   First, there was my Mother, two days after Christmas, my special Aunt, New Years Eve…my Grandmother Memorial Day Weekend…my Brother on Valentine’s Day…my Father in Law, Father’s Day weekend…   So, that pretty much leaves Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day…and THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!   Hoping this year we will be able to celebrate Independence Day in peace and with love for all and praying for those in need!!!   Here’s to you and hoping your holiday weekend is lovely and pain free!!!

Praying for PEACE and LOVE for ALL this holiday and forever!