Let’s Go Shopping!

FINALLY, We’re back to, in person, 1-on-1 Coaching, Pantry Makeovers and Grocery Shopping Tours!    YAY!!!

It’s been a very long year but it seems we are finally rounding the corner.  During this crazy pandemic year I have heard it said that you either come away…a CHUNK…a HUNK…or a DRUNK!!!   I truly hope two of these scenarios do not apply to you…and sometimes those “hunks” aren’t always the healthiest either…but wherever you are at this moment on your health journey, I would like to offer you a few food tips to quickly guide you to become your best self!

As many of you already know, I am a big promoter of organic foods.  The biggest push back I tend to receive is the cost!  Well, here’s how I feel about that…  Many times that is true, but as we consumers demand more organic

foods, the costs are rapidly improving.   Trader Joes has many wonderful low cost organic options, as well as, Costco and, most likely, your favorite grocery store does, too.   It has also been proven…you pay now for high quality food…OR…you will pay later in medical bills.   What we put into our bodies, especially as we age is so important!

At Simply Nourished by Martha, we now offer in-home PANTRY MAKEOVERS where you will learn to follow *TRAFFIC LIGHT EATING.  You will learn how to read and understand food labels.  We will add cute little reminder stickers on foods in your pantry…organize foods according to *Traffic Light Eating.  We’ll learn about pesticides in produce and discuss food recipes that will work well for your family.  We’ll get you all prepared for your next successful shopping experience.  This all happens in 60 minutes in the comfort of your home.   Regular $200…Mother’s Day Special $150 through midnight, Saturday, May 8, 2021.

Now, let’s go shopping together!  We also offer a one hour GROCERY SHOPPING TOUR within 20 miles of downtown Nashville…grocery of your choice.  Here you will receive personal instructions selecting and making healthy choices for meals we have design just for you and your family!   Regular $250…Mother’s Day Special $200, through midnight Saturday, May 8, 2021.   (If you live outside the Nashville area, we have virtual options for you)

So what in the world is *TRAFFIC LIGHT EATING???   Here’s a quick example..

GREEN – Means go for it!  Foods that are grown, not manufactured.   They are colorful, low in calorie, high in nutrients and can usually be eaten raw.

YELLOW – Means slow down and be cautious…ok to eat daily in moderation…brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat breads, eggs, beans, lean meats, chicken, yogurt, nuts, seeds, fish, cheese, olive oil.   (Always organic when possible)

RED – Means STOP & THINK about it!  Make the choice to avoid or eat smaller portions less frequently.  Red light foods are lower in nutrients, high in calorie…fat, sugar, butter, cookies, fatty meats, pastries, chips, white flour and such!

*TRAFFIC LIGHT EATING was developed by Dr. William Sears, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and has been proven successful!   It focuses on quality foods and is easy to follow, unlike USDA.   USDA focuses on food quantities instead of quality.  It’s confusing and is controlled by economical development!

Let’s get out, get moving and get healthy!

Happy Mothers Day to ALL Mothers, Grandmothers, Stepmothers and Mother-Figures!  Wishing you a very special day!   Thank you for all you do!

If we can help, send me a message on contact page at www.simplynourishedbymartha.com or give me a call…615.481.8300


Martha  XOXO