After all the indulging, nothing jump starts your metabolism like a good SWEAT!  Whether its a walk around the block OR a 45 minute burn…just get MOVING!!!

Sweating out toxins is the key.  If you have access to a sauna…YAY!!!  or a 20 minute heated (EpsomSalt) in the tub is priceless!   Just remember, when we sweat and sweat dries…toxins left on the surface of your skin can be reabsorbed…and we certainly don’t want that!!!   Take a Shower!!!

So what’s next???   DECEMBER here we come!

  1. Do a December check list…what’s going to be most important to you this month…
  2. Catch up with friends…so important during these unusual times.
  3. Get back on your regular exercise routine asap or create a new one.
  4. Do something outside your comfort zone…that’s where we grow!
  5. Change up your morning routine…Shock your system!
  6. Do what you say you’re going to do…no matter how small.
  7. Increase your Vitamin D intake…so great for your immune system!
  8. Practice GRATITUDE daily!
  9. OH…and most important…HYDRATE!  (100 ounces per day for most average size adults recommended)
  10. LOVE yourself…so you can share your love with others!!!